What happens at a Toastmasters meeting?

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First Half

  • The toastmaster (meeting chairperson) opens the meeting and introduces the guests.
  • The topics master encourages members to give 1-2 minute ad lib comments on pre-selected (by topicsmaster) topics.
  • Guests can volunteer to contribute to the topics session if they wish.
  • After 20-30 minutes the topics session is closed by toastmaster.
  • Tea break with a chance to meet other members.

Second Half

  • In the second half of the meeting pre-arranged speeches are given.
  • The toastmaster introduces each of the speakers.
  • Speeches generally last 5-7 minutes with a given objective.
  • Lights (green, yellow, red) are illiminated to indicate to the speaker when they reach the minimum and maximum speech times.
  • When all the speeches are finished each is evaluated by another member of the club.
  • The Grammarian and Aah counter give their reports of use of language during the meeting.
  • The general evaluator summarises how the meeting has gone and provides feedback to the speech evaluators.
  • The President is invited by the toastmaster to make any necessary announcements
  • Meeting is close by the toastmaster.
  • The bar is open!

Meeting roles

Toastmaster: Takes control of the meeting; ensures programe is prepared; introduces each role eg. speaker, evaluator etc.
Topicmaster: Prepares in advance a list of topics. Encourages each member (and guest if they wish) to give impromptu 1-2 minute responses.
General Evaluator: Evaluates the meeting, examing such factors such as timing, whether protocols are observed and any general comments or advice for each of the roles.
Evaluator: Summarises and evaluates speech commenting on the relevance of the speech to achieve certain pre-described objective as outline in the toastmasters manual.
Timer: Gives speaker an indication when pre-determined times have been reached

Competent Communicator Manual:
Green Light @ 5 minutes; Orange Light @ 6 minutes; Red Light @ 7 minutes
Ahh Counter: Counts the number of um’s or ah’s of each topics speaker.
Grammarian: Introduces a word of the day and evaluates the use of language.

Club roles

President: Takes overall responsibility for the club and its running. The president assigns roles to each committee member and maintains contact with local, regional and district sections of Toastmasters International.
VP Education: Is responsible for assisting President when necessary and assigns responsibilities in each of the club meetings.
VP Public Relations: Responsible for communication between the general public and the club. The Public Relations officer(s) also aims to gain new members and maintain club website.
VP Membership: Maintains records for each the members both within the club and liases with Toastmasters International who holds members details.
Treasurer: Maintains records for each the members both within the club and liases with Toastmasters Internation who holds members details.
Responsible for keeping clear and accurate records of club business, including membership records and correspondence with Toastmasters International’s World Headquarters and others.
Sergeant at Arms:
Responsible for maintaining club properties, arranging the meeting room and welcoming members and guests at each meeting.

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