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  • Download and print in advance the script and helper for the Timer role
  • Get a clock with chrono or a timer application, this is up to your choice.
  • Get familiar with it, test in advance, and if using a phone, that the screen-saver doesn’t interrupt the chrono
  • If it’s the first time, just be in the club 15 minutes before the meeting so you get familiar with the traffic lights or device used
  • Make sure you have noted the different times for topics, speeches and evaluations. Check the agenda – most prepared speeches are 5/6/7, but Ice Breakers are 4/5/6 and some special speeches might be longer or even shorter

During the meeting

  • You will be called to introduce your role. Follow the Timer Script and Log, or build something personal around the following: As Timer, I will time the table topics speakers, the prepared speeches and the evaluations. I will also alert each speaker of the time they have left, using the green, yellow, and red cards/signal/traffic lights, which denote specific times remaining. For the table topics, the times are 1/1.5/2, for the prepared speeches, the times are (check the agenda in advance), for the evaluations, the times are 2/2.5/3
  • After the topics, you will report the times for the topics.
  • After the prepared speeches, you will report those times.
  • After the evaluations, you will report again
  • If the Toastmaster forgets to introduce you for any of the reports, feel free to report any missed one in the following call for report.
  • In the topics, the most common style is saying the name of the person and the time, in the same order the topics have been delivered. Once you have more experience, you might want to mention the name, something about the topic and the time (e.g. John told us about how lovely is gardening in 2 minutes and 2 seconds…)


Template for Word of the Day
Grammarian Tally sheet


Speech Evaluation form

Toastmaster Roles Guide

Toastmaster Script

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