Vox Populi – “The voice of the People”
Vox Populi Dublin – “giving the People a voice”

Club Anthem – Take a parachute and jump
by Something Happens

Vox Populi Meeting Schedule and Location:

The club is active all the year, with meetings on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. Meetings start at 7pm and end at 9pm.

You can find us in Harcourt Hotel, 60 Harcourt St, Dublin 2

The Club:

Vox Populi is a Dublin Toastmasters club that was established in September 1995 and has been going strong ever since. The club currently has approximately 45 active members and holds meetings from September to June, on the first, third and fourth Wednesday of each month.

Vox Populi is known as a cool and fun Toastmasters. It is a club where you can learn communication and leadership skills in a supportive, informal and friendly atmosphere. It is also a diverse club with members of all ages and from many different professions. A Vox Populi meeting is always great fun and a place where you will meet interesting and friendly people who all have the common goal of improving their confidence and skill in public speaking.

Visitors Always Welcome.

At Vox Populi we love to have visitors at our meetings, so if you are interested in knowing what its all about feel free to come along and experience our meetings and chat with some of the members. As a guest you will not be asked to speak unless you volunteer to do so.

Being a guest at Vox Populi you can get to know and understand the club at your own pace and you can attend as a guest as often as you like. So if you’re interested please come along and see do we live up to our slogan “The Coolest Toastmasters Club in the World”

How Does It Work?

Toastmasters meetings are based around 2 frameworks:

      1. A communication framework – which sets out 10 different speeches stages. At each stage you are required to practice new skills in your speech that will help you improve as a speaker.
      2. A leadership framework – which also has 10 different stages. At each stage you participate in leadership roles in the club to gradually increase your ability to take on roles of responsibility in the club

Check out a typical Toastmasters meeting for more information.

Who Is It For?

Toastmasters is for anyone who would like to improve their communication and leadership skills. If you find public speaking challenging then Toastmasters is a proven and tested solution that will help you no matter how difficult you find public speaking. To develop any skill you must practice that skill and it’s the same with public speaking.

Toastmasters is a forum to help you practice public speaking in a supportive environment. At Toastmasters it doesn’t matter if you forget part of your speech or if you get nervous, what’s important is that you practice and over time your confidence and skill will improve.

The club has members of all skill levels and you will be encouraged to improve your skills at a pace that you are comfortable with and you will only give a speech when you are ready to do so.

Vox Populi Dublin Toastmasters: The Who And Where Of Our Club