images“Toilet roll. Think about it. Where would we be without it?”* 

Not in a good place, we realised. An unsettling hush fell upon the room as members quietly considered the prospect when, thankfully, finally, a clear sure voice of chirpy, cheer rang out high and loud: ”Ah you’ll have some more tea. GO ON! GO ON! GO ON!”

It was Fr Ted themed night at VOX and Toastmaster Deirdre was kept going pouring tea and offering sweet cake and cookies. Fiona O took forever to decide whether she wanted biscuit or cake until another member just hit her with a placard. (FECK! Down with that sort of thing!) Fergal looked disturbingly dapper in black and white and some said he’d never looked better.

Topicsmaster Fionnuala was far too clever to be confused for anyone from Father Ted and engaged us all with her witty and intelligent questions: What’s our favourite May Memory? (May altars). Who is our favourite British politician? (Maggie Thatcher!) Have we ever gotten locked out? (Yes! And some of us have even broken in!).

Onto speeches then and Ailbhe gave a warm and intelligent ice-breaker on an idyllic childhood, happy summers in Berkeley and realising that the lows in life helped us appreciate the highs.

Sylvia’s speech reminded us that losing our phones needn’t be the end of the world, and that having been without hers for a few days, she realised both how much she had depended on it and how much less she really needed it.

Tommy gave a great talk on leadership, clearly and concisely outlining three factors helpful in creating good leaders: 1) Environment. 2) A willingness to lead by example 3) A desire to be unselfish. His natural charisma and easy manner had us engaged from the beginning.

Finally, Colette gave her CC10, a compelling account of her completion of the Camino de Santiago last summer. Stepping off the treadmill of life she stepped onto the camino with a bunch of strangers, some of whom moved her with personal life stories, more of whom moved her, quite differently, with their talk of bleeding blisters and their “deeply inappropriate questions”. Fitter and happier for having done it, Colette learned a lot about walking and more about herself. It was an engaging, unsentimental and yet highly motivational CC 10. Everyone really loved it and well done Colette on achieving your Competent Communicator award!! We were all impressed. (Evaluator Frank said he’d “get up in the middle of the night to hear it.” Praise indeed.)

Other evaluations were given by the excellent Fiona F, Gerry and Ana Maria.

Next meeting is May 20th. Only one more month of meetings to go so make sure to sign up for a role. GO ON! GO ON! GO ON!

* thanks to Rosie for memorable topics response!

Careful Now! 6 May 2015