Despite the threatening winds of Storm Ali there was a good turnout at the Toastmasters Vox Populi meeting on Wednesday, 19th of Sept. The attendees who braved the weather comprised a healthy mix of  grizzled veteran members and very welcome guests checking out what it’s all about, and all attendees were well and truly ‘blown away’ by another enjoyable meeting! A pun worthy of our resident pun-master Dan, who took on the role of Topicsmaster for the table topics session. As always when Dan takes the reigns as Topicsmaster the topics were amusing and varied, covering everything from the ideal James Bond to Apple vs. Android to camping or glamping! After the table topics we had an open mic piece by Mark, a relatively new member, who read a poem by Richard Feynman, an American theoretical physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project and who was also fond of playing the bongos.
We then had Anne making her 2nd speech at the club, and this was in preparation for a speech she will make at a corporate function, and from what we heard at the meeting, those attending the gala dinner where she will be speaking will be in for a treat. Anne told us about her experiences of being the only woman working in a Treasury office and of falling down Mount Everest!! Thankfully, she made it back relatively unscathed to tell her story. And speaking of stories, Sarah made the 2nd prepared speech of the night and regaled us with some stories she wrote as a child, one of them about a sweet stealing genie named Streaky! I’m glad to report that no sweets were stolen during the meeting, but some were given out in prizes to our speakers. After the meeting wrapped up we had a drink in the bar, because after all public speaking is thirsty work!
The next meeting is on Wednesday the 3rd of October in Barney’s in the Harcourt Hotel. The meeting starts at 7pm sharp, hope to see you there. Guests are always welcome to attend, and even to take part if they wish, so if you want to join us for a meeting just show up on the night.

Meeting 19th Sept – Stories to be Told