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The View from the Top Table

  It’s that time of year again. The hay is saved, the leaves are getting nervous, hurricanes are bearing down on the Caribbean, <insert your own autumnal clichés here> , and Vox Populi is kicking off again for the 2017/18 season. Back in Oil Can Harrys again; the same but different. We are no longer […]

It’s time to talk 7th September, 2016

  It’s wet, it’s windy, it’s miserable. You’ve done nothing but complain about the summer, and now,  like an annoying relative who dropped in for tea (and who actually wasn’t that bad) it’s gone and you’re sorry you didn’t make more of an effort. Time to redeem yourself. This year instead of hibernating knee deep […]

Early Birds and Fierce Women

  The early bird gets a lot of good press, but what about the late worm?  He effortlessly escapes death. So the question Joe, our Topicsmaster last night,  asked us to consider is, is it better to be an early bird or a late worm? Topics abounded with thought-provokers such as the above. Can politically […]

First Dates

Ah…the terror of the first date. Am I overdressed? Do I sound stupid? Is there spinach stuck in my teeth?  Sounds just like the fear of public speaking.  And so it was no coincidence that mischievous Merrilyn held a ‘First Date’ themed session to celebrate the new series on RTE 2. Not merely satisfied with […]

Don’t be a rambler

“Business  is made up of ideas, amazing ideas and these ideas move at the speed of light, so we need to keep up with the light moving forward but cut to the chase and get to the point ….”   You’ve a thousand and one things to do today, but you’re stuck in a meeting […]

A Fond Farewell

Last Wednesday’s meeting was bitter-sweet. We had so much fun at topics: there were tales of sleazy master-bakers, girls hating flowers and Sarah imagining life as a salad. There were lots of  lovely new members who really added to the buzz. One guest gave a very confident commentary on an ‘art piece’ and Brian, another […]

New Year, New You?

So here it is, the future. Just one month ago life was one long Christmas party about to kick off, a  glorious free-for-all of happy hedonism. Tottering home in tinsel at four was the norm as was breakfasting on After-Eights.  ‘Adulthood be damned!’ you proclaimed, guzzling the champers, ‘I wanna be free!’ And how wonderfully […]

Are you full yet?

It’s been seven hours and three long days since the dawn of Christmas day. Life as you knew it is over and all there is is eating.  Happy animation gave way to blurred stupefaction two days ago, and the only time you can stir yourself to speak is to locate who’s got the Leonidas.  And […]

La solidarite et les frites

Would you leave your lover over garlic chips? I nearly did once. The smell, the look, the lingering after-breath….gross! Our opinion of garlic chips was but one sought by innovative Topicsmaster Fergal, who used image prompts to get us thinking and bingo numbers to keep us on our toes. Mine was a lone voice on […]

Wonderwoman Wednesday 5th November 2015

Would you time-travel JUST to meet this lady??? Dan G would. Any lady who can deflect bullets with her bangles and lasso baddies in her high-heels was worth facing the eighties for. But isn’t it disappointing, I argued, that TV’s best-known female super-hero wore scarcely more than star-spangled knickers? That’s hardly a role-model for young […]

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