The following advert was spotted on a billboard at a busy Dublin Intersection.

 Wanted poster


One Toastmaster:

Must be willing to put in long hours learning the craft of public speaking.

Must be prepared to overcome all fear in the pursuit of this goal.

Must be willing to withstand potentially embarrassing situations where said Toastmaster may forget their speech in front of an audience, fluff a topic or make a complete bags of the role of Timer.

Must be willing to take on the role of Grammarian, even if said Toastmaster can’t tell a metaphor from a simile.

Must be willing to come up with a ‘Word of the Day’ as Grammarian that is more imaginative than “collywobbles”.

Must be willing to arrive early at every Club meeting with the express purpose of buying the Toastmaster for the evening, a drink before the meeting commences.

Must be articulate, lively and a good sport

Must be able to crack a joke, take a joke and put a brave face on it when you mess up your Stage 10 half way through

Must be able to think on your feet, ad lib, wing it, but don’t worry if you don’t already possess these skills we’ll teach you!

If you are not already a member of Vox Populi Toastmasters, then you need to be! If you already are a member of Vox, then remember; the Advanced Manuals beckon!

Vox Populi needs YOU!


Gemma Shannon

Vice President, Public Relations


Recruitment Advert_19_March_2014