Superpowers was the theme for the Vox meeting on Wednesday night! Our role-doers dreamed of everything from having the powers of telepathy, invisibility and flight to my own personal favourite from Merrilyn, (el presidente and Toastmaster for the evening), the power to ‘wiggle’ down, as per Star Trek, and travel anywhere in the universe. This manoeuvre had obviously been perfected by the lovely Nora Duggan and past president Maria Mac Mullen, who had beamed in for the night, from China and Grand Canal Dock respectively ☺

Fergal led an evocative and engaging topics session which delivered gem after gem: Punmaster, Dan O’Neill, managed to incorporate bisto, paxo and gusto (word of the day) into a topic on Barack Obama; Killian told us that instruction manuals are only a manufacturer’s opinion on how a product should work; and Muireann surprised us innocent Voxers by inviting us all to come spend a few hours in her soft but firm bed! But it was the guests who really stole the show with Michael speaking eloquently on Barack Obama, Fionnuala telling of water conservation methods in Bermuda and Mairead winning best topic for her masterful musing on the water charges.

Superpowers were abundant and evident for all to see in our poetmaster, Tommy Lally and three speakers, Fiona O’Meara, Madeline McNamara and Muireann O’Keefe.

Tommy brilliantly demonstrated the power of freedom, when he delivered his own heartfelt poem on finding the courage to be yourself. Ms Fiona O’Meara, currently searching for a Mr Fiona O’Meara, displayed great wisdom and comic genius, with her award winning speech on the importance of choosing an inferior, computer savvy and power-tool-using man ☺  Muireann showcased creativity, with her inspiring speech on the value of discovery based learning as a necessity for entrepreneurship. And the superpower of true courage was embodied and radiated by Madeline, as she surrendered & accepted anxiety and fear, floating through them in stunning superhero style.

As the general evaluator, Paul Murray, smoothly drew the meeting to a close I couldn’t help but think that the superpowers we had longed for were already there in all of us and that the Vox guests and members had been superheroes all along! ☺

Jacinta Curley


Superheroes 1 October 2014