It’s been seven hours and three long days since the dawn of Christmas day. Life as you knew it is over and all there is is eating.  Happy animation gave way to blurred stupefaction two days ago, and the only time you can stir yourself to speak is to locate who’s got the Leonidas.  And if you think your life is difficult, imagine if YOU had to write this blog today.  I can’t recall what day of the week it is never mind what happened at our last meeting, but let me just unscrew this bottle of Baileys and I’ll get down to business.

I do recall something about seduction in our topics off-the-cuff speaking. “Avoid the mistletoe, get home to your own bed and regret nothing”, advised G.  Another G lived more on the edge: “It was midnight and we were under the mistletoe. She moved closer…and landed me a gooser.” Santa (Tomas) kissed Jean-Marie’s missus in a role play that had no missus and no kissing but ended in a fist-fight. Such antics garnered them the award for Best Topic.

The feeling of Christmas was alive and well throughout. John evoked images of “red wine and pudding, sherry trifle and jigsaws, rugby and Guinness”. Brian recalled memories of not being able to sleep and his delight at discovering a bike downstairs. And James shared his present purchasing strategy – walk into a shop, stick your paw out and pick something.

The magic continued into the speeches.  Molly’s evocative account of Christmas in her country revealed how on Christmas Eve  it was believed that animals could talk and people could tell the future.

John’s tale of  Tir na nOg brought me back to childhood when I first heard the legend of love and youth in a land where no-one grows old.

Dan impressed us with his advanced manual project of “roasting” certain individuals i.e presenting them with awards.

And I achieved my CC10! My talk was on how we can act to prevent climate change but we need to do so now.

Big thanks to all those who took part and special mention to newbie Eamon for his excellent job as ah-counter. His honest and thorough report was refreshing.

Ok, that wasn’t so hard. More Baileys in future when faced with a challenge. Happy Holidays everybody and here’s to an eloquent New Year for us all:). See you on January 6th!!

Fiona O’Meara

Vice President Public Relations

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